Not sure how to incorporate our products into your landscape? You’re in the right place! Check out the ideas below and visit often for new ideas.

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Incentive Program

Earn extra $ this year! Beginning in January 2019 dealers will have the option to join our Incentive Program: DID YOU KNOW? Faux Rocks are just one product that EHS Sales carries, in 2018 we also began selling: Flood Protection: Triwater Bag systems Window Wells:...

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Window Wells: A picture is Worth a 1000 Words

A picture is worth a 1000 words! This drawing helps to explain the step up step out Modern Square Window Well system. The possibilities are endless with this modern square window well. Designed to fit any size window, widths and projections vary to accommodate every...

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Protecting You, Protecting Canada

EHS Sales Ltd. is pleased to announce that we will be donating 5% of all TriWater Bag sales in the month of November to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. This means that, while you're protecting your property from flooding, you're also helping to protect our natural...

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Flooding Checklist: Things to Do in Your Home

During the past few years we've seen increased rains, which are causing rivers and streams to over flowing.  Regardless of where you live, your home can be affected by flooding - either by a gift of Mother Nature or inside your home due to failed plumbing systems....

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DIY: Installing Window Wells

Materials needed: Tape measure, shovel, level, hammer drill, concrete lag bolts, socket set, drainage stone, wheel barrel, pencil and window well For the small window wells we recommend putting 4” of drainage stone in the bottom of the well. For wells that are larger...

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BoxBarrier Flood Protection

The BoxBarrier® is an exceptional flood defence system that’s easy to set up and just as simple to remove when the threat of flooding subsides.  - Environmentally friendly - Reusable -  There’s no special equipment required – just a simple pump to fill the units with...

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NEW! Triwater Bag

The Triwater Bag is environmental friendly, reusable and cost effective. These flood prevention bags are reusable, easy to store and require minimal physical labour. A great alternative to the typical sand bags, as they use water to fight water. Triwater Bag is...

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How does Weather affect the Rock?

At Faux Rocks Canada we get asked all the time, how do these fake rocks hold up in weather conditions? We've had one of these rocks installed at a home since 2009, we've taken it and placed it beside a brand new artificial rock.  Can you tell which rock is the old...

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Same Rock – Different Look

I installed this at my father-in-law's cottage, for this project all we had were two faux rocks, model 109.  However, my wife and her sister didn't like that it would appear the same.  Easy solution - I buried them at different depths and angled them differently to...

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Our Maritime Faux Rock Family is Growing

We're happy to announce our newest dealer - CHARLES SMITH CONSTRUCTION LTD. located in Riverview, New Brunswick!! We look forward to working with them, check out their website

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