A metal garden planter in the yard with flowers planted inside.

You’re probably wondering why someone might consider a raised planter box instead of just using the garden beds they already have. Raised garden planters offer several advantages, making them a popular choice for gardening enthusiasts and homeowners. From being easy on the back and knees to a longer growing season and better drainage, there are numerous reasons you should consider our raised planters!

Improved Soil Quality:

With an elevated garden bed, you have more control over the soil composition. You can fill the planter with high-quality soil, compost, and other organic materials, creating a nutrient-rich environment for your plants. This allows for better drainage and aeration, leading to healthier plant growth.

Better Drainage:

Raised planters are typically designed with proper drainage systems, preventing waterlogging and ensuring that excess water can escape easily. Adequate drainage is vital for plant health, as it helps prevent root rot and other water-related issues.

Pest and Weed Control:

Raised garden planters can help deter some pests and weeds, especially those that come from the ground. Since the planter is elevated, it’s more challenging for burrowing pests to reach the plant roots. Additionally, you have more control over the soil, reducing the likelihood of weed growth.

Easier on the Back and Knees:

Gardening in raised planters requires less bending and stooping, making it easier on your back and knees. This is particularly beneficial for older individuals or those with physical limitations, as it reduces the strain on their bodies while still allowing them to enjoy gardening.

Longer Growing Season:

The soil in raised planters tends to warm up faster in the spring, allowing you to start planting earlier in the season. The elevated design also provides better air circulation around the plants, which can help extend the growing season into the fall.

Reduced Soil Compaction:

In traditional ground-level gardens, the soil can become compacted over time due to foot traffic and heavy equipment. Raised planters can help minimize soil compaction, as the soil remains undisturbed and aerated, leading to healthier root systems for your plants.


Raised garden planters can be built at a height that suits your preferences or physical needs, making gardening more accessible to people with mobility challenges or those using wheelchairs.


Our custom designed Modular Square Raised Metal Garden Planter offers you versatility to create the look that works best for your aesthetic and needs. Using our Rustic Square Window Wells, you can also create a raised planter. Each section is 12″ high. You can stack them as high as you’d like.



Overall, metal raised beds offer a convenient and efficient way to grow plants, vegetables, and herbs, providing numerous benefits that contribute to successful gardening and a more enjoyable outdoor experience. Explore this topic more by visiting this article from Better Homes & Gardens.