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Pour-in-Place Windows by Boman Kemp™

Building a new home? We are pleased to offer the Boman Kemp™ Pour-in-Place Window System. This system currently comes in 3 colours (white, black, and grey).


Not only are these cast-in-place windows functional and beautiful on their own, but they’re also fully compatible with Boman Kemp’s window wells, making window well installation a breeze.

Advantages of using this system:

Save time on material costs, installation, and labour as you no longer need to build the window buck

Combination of PVC and steel for ease of installing a square and level window

There’s blocking inside to keep it square

Glass comes in separate box that you can install at a later date

Ordering Your Window

Dimensions & Colours

Windows are available in white, black, and grey and come in the following sizes:

37″ x 24″    47″ x 36″    48″ x 48″    51″ x 32″
55″ x 30″    55″ x 36″    60″ x 48″

Depth of window buck: 8″

Shipping & Installation

Please contact us to confirm shipping availability and fees. Once we confirm product dimensions, we will provide you with an accurate shipping quote.

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Please note, pour-in-place windows are sold exclusively through our Stratford, Ontario head office location.
Please contact us directly to order.