Why Do I Need A Window Well Cover? 

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Why Do I Need A Window Well Cover? 

Why Do I Need A Window Well Cover? 


Home maintenance entails a lot of things, some standard obvious things and some that can fly off your radar especially if you’re unaware of the necessity of them. Basement windows are such a great feature to a home providing bright light and fresh air in a space alternatively known to be dark and cold that people often think of. Many of us may have seen window well covers in the past, the typical steel rounded panels attached to the base of the house, but they are so much more than that. Window well covers are more than just a tiny detail to consider, rather something that provides safety to you and your home. Not knowing this can lead to unfortunate events if not taken care of properly which is why we want to inform you of the amazing benefits a window well cover has to offer.

Help Keep Water Out

Modern Square Egress Window Wells available nationwide through EHS Sales Ltd.

Window well covers help to keep water from going near your basement windows which in turn, along with our window wells and egress windows – prevents any sort of water from entering into your home. Let’s face it, a leak of any kind provides great stress and anxiety. The damage it can cause and the effect it can have on you and your home is immense. Using our products will help keep your basement clear of water and reduce your chances of developing mold and mildew. 

Let The Light In

Modern Square Stainless Steel Egress Window Well new install with sod laid around it

Like we said earlier basements traditionally are thought to be a dark and cold space, having a set of windows in your basement opens it up and allows light to come in and brighten your area. But… Why would you want to cover that? The reality is, a window well cover does not prevent light from coming in. With an open top, you can enhance your window well while also leaving things ‘open’ for natural light to fill up your space.  

Consider Safety

Do you have children playing in your backyard? Do you worry about them falling into your window well and hurting themselves? If so, a window well cover will reduce their chance of getting hurt. With various sizes, you can find a well cover that will fit with our modern and rustic square window well product lines. This add will give you some much-needed peace of mind!

In Conclusion

Whether you’re buying a new home or revamping your space, there is a lot to consider. We encourage you to take a moment and assess your basement windows and determine if there has been any water damage. We offer a variety of solutions to keep your basement safe and dry. Protecting your home and preventing any damage while still maintaining the beautiful benefits a basement window has to offer, a window well cover is a perfect solution product for your windows and truly is a necessity.




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