Please note, window wells are sold exclusively through our Stratford, Ontario head office location. Please contact us directly to order.

Modern Square Stainless Steel Window Well

Our exclusive modern, square window well is stainless steel for a superior look and durability. Made in Stratford, Ontario, these window wells are a contemporary alternative to both our Rustic Square Window Wells and the more common, more traditional rounded window wells.

Not only do these window wells permit more natural light into normally dark lower levels in homes, but they enhance safety with our step-up, step-out system.

Select from our “stacked” style, our “step-out, step-up” style, or our “terrace” design, the latter of which provides a step up on all three sides of the well, instead of just the front.

The process used to manufacture our Modern Square Window Wells results in material irregularities such as minor abrasion marks and colour variation. This is normal and in no way affects the function or quality of the window well. If you feel your window wells are damaged upon receipt, please review our damage policy and contact us with details.


We need 3 dimensions to figure out well size:

  1. Width – we add 3-4″ to either side of the window opening.
  2. Projection – the distance out from the house you’d like. Keep in mind if these are egress windows. Each municipality has their own requirements. Be sure to verify your building codes for your area. 
  3. Height – we go 2″ above grade, and 4″ below the window itself. Each section is 12” high for the square wells. You can stack as many sections as you need.  


When you receive the Modern Square Window Well, ensure you have all pieces before proceeding with assembly. You will have the front panel, two side panels, and package of assembly hardware. Always handle the panels with caution as edges may be sharp.

Lay out your panels, ensuring that you correctly allocate left and right panels (see video below). Take one side panel and align the holes on the top, bottom, and inside to the corresponding holes in the front panel, ensuring that the panels are relatively square. Insert the bolts into the side and bottom holes and loosely secure with the nuts.

If your window well consists of only one 12” high section, then you can go ahead and add the top bolts and secure with the nuts. If you have another section to add on top, assemble it using the same procedure outlined above. Tighten all hardware before proceeding to next step.

Once the entire window well is assembled. Lag it to the wall in the appropriate location using the lag holes drilled in the back tabs of the side panels.


For small window wells (less than 50″ width), place the well 4″ below the window opening to allow for 4″ of drainage stone. Windows larger than 50″ place the well 4″ below the window opening to allow for 4″ of drainage stone ALONG with 12″ of drainage stone behind the window well so the backfill material doesn’t settle against the well. Any failure to install wells accordingly will result in a void of warranty.


Made in Canada
Created using 18 gauge stainless steel (including fasteners)
Standard and egress dimensions below
Available Dimensions

Front Width: 36″, 42″, 49″, 56″, 66″ 73″, 80″, 90″, 100″
Side Projection (depth): 6″, 12″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, 48″
Side Height: 12″

Special Order Dimensions

EHS can make custom fronts in 110″ and 117″ widths. Please contact us to create a custom order as we do not regularly stock these sizes.


Design allows for flat packing, making shipping to your door anywhere in Canada a breeze!

If for any reason you want to return the window wells, we must be notified within 30 days of purchase. There is a 25% restocking fee on all products. Return shipping is the customer’s responsibility.
Tools required:

R2 screwdriver, 7/16″ wrench, drill & 1/4″ drill bit

To Install:
  1. Loosely assemble all components of your window system and then tighten after assembly is completed
  2. Fasten window well to concrete wall (lag bolts not included)
  3. Install drainage stone in the bottom of window well, stepped up areas, and backside

Please note, window wells are sold exclusively through our Stratford, Ontario head office location.
Please contact us directly to order.