Fake Rocks Toronto

Our newest dealer – Lynda Durocher! Check out Lynda’s story of how she discovered faux rocks below

“We stumbled upon faux rocks after losing several perennials in a difficult corner of our garden.  We realized that this particular corner would officially be a no grow zone.  It was too dry and too hot to successfully grow anything.  That’s when we went on the hunt for a rock, rocks don’t die!  We stumbled upon faux rocks (what a brilliant and affordable idea) and purchased one from a dealer North of the city.  Ten years has passed and that rock is still fabulous.  It has beautifully survived our summers and winters as well as an outdoor reno that killed a few plants and shrubs. We love that rock!

We recently found the need for more rocks, this time in a central location in the backyard that our three dogs “favour” making it an ugly no grow zone.  This time my search got us wondering why folks don’t know about faux rocks? Why aren’t they being sold in the city?

One thing led to another and here we are.   Fake Rocks Toronto.

We just love these rocks and we know you will too.”