During the past few years we’ve seen increased rains, which are causing rivers and streams to over flowing.  Regardless of where you live, your home can be affected by flooding – either by a gift of Mother Nature or inside your home due to failed plumbing systems.  We’ve created a checklist to help your family be prepared:

  • Have a plan for communicating with family members
  • Raise up appliances and other items to protect them from damage
  • Save Important documents – copy, save, or upload important papers and documents including insurance policies, photographs of your stuff and your home, and any other important records like leases or birth certificates
  • Disconnect appliances to prevent electrical shortage when power is restored
  • Turn off all electrical power at the main breaker boxes as well at each appliance
  • Turn off all gas at the main line
  • Turn off all water at the main line. Pipes inside the house can burst during a flood. Leaving your water on can only make flooding worse
  • Have an emergency kit handy so you can get to it quickly.  Store valuables, medication, chemicals (separately) in a higher place.