FauxRocks for Landscape Lighting

A photo of faux rocks Model 107 used as address landscape lighting.

FauxRocks for Landscape Lighting

Welcome to FauxRocks Landscape Lighting. If you already own one of these rocks all you need to add is light. Adding light can be done in many ways but LED light is best because there is no heat involved with that source. Using solar or low voltage LED lighting, you can change the rock from a landscape feature during the day to a spectacular landscape feature at night.

There are a few conditions such as the colour of the FauxRocks since some colours have a black finished interior that prevents the light from showing. Using either the FS (Fieldstone) or SS (Sandstone) colour you can back light the rock so it shows like a lamp shade at night. The image to the right shows Model 107 lit up with a 40 lumin solar LED.

A small 40 lumin LED solar light source is generally enough to light up rocks up to the size of Model 102. Low voltage (12V) LED come in many levels of brightness and can even be used with a sliding switch to govern the lighting level you want. Identifying your house number at night for emergencies or pizza delivery is as easy as lighting up the rock and having your house number attached on the outside.

These fake rocks provide endless possibilities for lighting up your driveway, yard, patio, garden, and pool area. Need help deciding on the right size and shape for your lighting needs? Connect with us. We’re happy to help!

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