DIY: Installing Window Wells

A photo of EHS Sales Square Stainless Steel Window Well

DIY: Installing Window Wells

Materials needed: Tape measure, shovel, level, hammer drill, concrete lag bolts, socket set, drainage stone, wheel barrel, pencil and window well

  • For the small window wells we recommend putting 4” of drainage stone in the bottom of the well. For wells that are larger than 56″ wide and more than 3 units stacked, we recommend 2’ of drainage below so the window well is sitting on the drainage as well as fastened to the wall and 12” of drainage behind the window well so the backfill material isn’t settling against it
  1. Dig your hole
  2. Place window well in hole, with pencil mark where to drill holes
  3. Level to make sure the window well is sitting evenly
  4. Drill holes
  5. Insert lag bolts
  6. Hammer in the lag bolts
  7. Tighten with socket wrench
  8. Place drainage stone inside well
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