You may have heard of it before, an egress window (also called a basement escape window) is a key feature for your home. While it looks like a regular, large window, an egress window is classified as a type of window that can fully opened easily from the inside, allowing you to escape quickly and effortlessly in the state of an emergency. There are many advantages of adding this window to your home for not only for the obvious safety benefits but also aesthetic and value. 


Nobody wants to think of a fire or flood in your home but the reality is, planning for the worst helps prevent larger irreparable damage in the future. In an emergency situation where you and your family need a quick exit while in the basement, an egress window is larger and allows for an easier exit in this situation. On the other side of this, it also allows for easier access by emergency services which poses as a great benefit. Due to its large nature and the single side hinge that swings inside, an egress window levels up the safety feature of any home when compared to a regular basement window. 


It is known for basements to be a dark spaces, but due to the size of an egress window, your basement can transform into a pleasant living space with more natural sunlight flowing in. Not only does natural sunlight boost your mood but it warms the space, literally and figuratively. The advantage of this allows for you to create an aesthetic in your basement that matches the rest of your home seamlessly. 


Now we may be jumping a few steps by thinking about resale value but the reality is, investing into your home  will always be beneficial. As we know, an egress window adds immense safety features along with functionality and style. This can undoubtably be leveraged for your future resale value.


While value and aesthetics are great advantages, the main benefit is safety. You will never regret adding a safety feature to your home for you or your family whether or not you ever have to use it. Something as simple as a window is something we can often overlook but the reality is, during an emergency, it really can decide the outcome. An Egress Window is the perfect addition to every basement for this reason alone, yet offers so much more!