An Outdoor Sump Pump is your first – and best – line of defence against water damage to your home.

A sump pump is an electrical pump that is used to pump excess water out of the basement. Sump pumps are usually located inside your home, under the basement foundation. The Ontario Building Code stipulates that all new homes need a sump pump, but it doesn’t specify whether it be inside or outside.

With 15 years of experience in waterproofing and basement repair, our sister company R & D Development started to wonder why you’d bring water into your home just to pump it back out again. And so, we’ve designed, engineered, and manufactured the Outdoor Sump System. This sump pump is located outside of your house and protects the foundation of your home by directing water towards different areas of your yard and away from the house.

It runs on a direct power line so that the pump only activates when the floater indicates there is water in the hole. You must have a run-off in the same manner that your local municipality allows for basement sump pump runoff. The exterior sump pump has a cover that you remove as required to do general repairs or maintenance to the unit.



A waterproof Faux Rock is included, which serves as an additional safety precaution as it covers up the lid and hides the sump pump so it doesn’t become an eye sore in your garden or yard.

Won’t the discharge lines of the Outdoor Sump System freeze in Canada’s cold winters?

Canadian temperatures often go below freezing but there’s no need to remove the pump during these frigid winters. The Outdoor Sump Pump gets installed two feet below the footing, which means it’s installed below the frost line. There’s no check valve on the 1 ½ discharge line so there’s never any standing water in the line.

Ready to keep excess groundwater out for good? Order the Outdoor Sump Pump system today.