We’re pleased to offer an alternative to the common, round steel fire pit. Our square fireplace is easy to install, adds a unique, more contemporary look at any yard, and is rust proof due to its stainless steel construction.

Modern Square Stainless Steel Fireplaces

Our exclusive modern, square fireplace is stainless steel for a sleek look and superior durability. Made in Stratford, Ontario, these fireplaces are a contemporary alternative to the more common, more traditional round fire pits made of low-grade steel.

Not only are these fireplaces easy to assemble, but they can be used in a variety of surroundings . Set them in the ground or insert into a fire-resistant frame or base to achieve your ideal campfire experience.

Available in various sizes, choose the right size for your project and budget, or contact us to inquire about custom dimensions.


Made in Canada
Created using 18 gauge stainless steel (including fasteners)
Standard dimensions and prices below (contact us for custom sizes)
Available Dimensions
(All fireplaces are 12″ high)

12×36 = $263.64
12×42 = $276.96
24×36 = $290.00
24×42 = $303.18
36×36 = $320.76

Design allows for flat packing, making shipping to your door a breeze!
Tools required:

R2 screwdriver, 7/16″ wrench

To Assemble and Install:
  1. Loosely assemble all components of your fireplace and then tighten after assembly is completed
  2. Set on prepared surface, in pre-dug hole or in pre-assembled frame and secure as required
  3. Fill with sand and pea stone or other fire-resistant base material
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