Our stainless steel modern square window well is becoming an increasingly popular choice for home owners.

Offering a sleeker, more updated alternative to traditional corrugated steel window wells, this contemporary option not only looks great from the outside, but can provide a safe exit route from inside your basement.

These window wells are easy to install, too. We recommend covering your window(s) before beginning to avoid unnecessary mess/damage. We also recommend installing your well 4″ below your window opening and filling it with drainage stone. We also recommend that the top of your well is about 1.5″-2″ above grade. If you have not yet ordered your window wells, please check out our How To Measure For Your New Window Well video.

Step 1

In the space along your home’s foundation where you plan to install the window well, dig a trench the same shape as, but slight larger than, your new window well.

Step 2

Place the assembled window well in the hole and adjust so that the tabs are flush with the wall. Lay a level across the top of the window well to ensure it is sitting evenly at both the front and the back. While making sure the well is level, mark with pencil where your holes are located.

Step 3

Drill holes into foundation. Insert and hammer the lag bolts through the tabs and into the corresponding holes you’ve predrilled in your home’s foundation.

Step 4

Hammer lag bolts into holes and the tighten to snug the window well into place, flush against the foundation.

Step 5

Once the window is secured, backfill around the outside of the foundation with soil and fill the inside with sand and gravel. Walk around inside window well to compact and level out the gravel, ensuring that the finished primary surface is just below the window opening.