An outdoor sump pump is the best way to keep water out of your home. Here’s how it works.  

There are three reasons for a leak in the basement:

  • A crack in the wall
  • Leaks or cracks in a block wall’s mortar joints
  • Compromised weeping tile due to tree roots and silt

How an outdoor sump pump works

When you dig down weeping tile is full of water, silt, or roots, an outdoor sump pump system is designed to redirect the water, giving it a new path of least resistance. Your foundation is protected because excess water never gets a chance to cause damage because it never gets inside in the first place.

With further inspection you may need to do waterproofing on the walls but that would be determined based on the home.

outdoor sump pump drawing prevent wet basement water damage

Support for your existing pump

Are you concerned that your primary pump is under a lot of strain? Get peace of mind by installing the Outdoor Sump System, which then becomes your primary pump, making the inside sump your secondary.

As well, when installing the Outdoor Sump System, you can inspect the weeping tile to see why your primary pump is running so much. Then, if there is an issue with the weeping tile, the Outdoor Sump System will help alleviate the head pressure around your basement.

Ready to keep excess groundwater out for good? Order the Outdoor Sump Pump system today.